Find out what WordPress theme is a website using


Since WordPress is full of so many themes and additional functions nowadays, it can be quite time-consuming to manually browse the directory yourself until you find a theme that you might want to apply to your page. But fear not! WhoisWP has got you covered. It’s super-simple to use for finding out what WordPress theme was used and also for discovering some great plugins for your site. If you’ve learned how to copy-paste, you will know how to use WhoisWP’s WordPress theme detector too, so let’s see just how simple-to-use it really is.

How do I check what WordPress theme a site is using with WhoisWP?

The process is simple and can be done by anyone. Simply copy the URL from the page that uses the theme you like and paste it into the WhoisWP search box. After that, all you need to do is press the button and wait a few seconds for the details to be displayed on the page.

Where do I find the URL of the page containing the theme I want to detect?

The URL can be seen in the address bar of your Internet browser. Usually on the top of the screen. In case you cannot see this bar, you should try accessing your browser’s settings and enabling it.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are like small programs that can simply be installed and used directly on the browser page to add some extra features to your site. They have multiple useful functions and can be used for anything you can think of, from increasing the protection of your website to optimizing images for SEO and much more.

How does the tool for detecting a WordPress plugin work?

When you copy-paste the URL of a page into the WhoisWP search box, you will be able to see not only the page’s WordPress theme but also the active plugins the site is using.

Can I detect all the plugins a site is using?

All the plugins that have been used by a website cannot be displayed sometimes due to the fact that they might not be active or contained in the HTML code. But with this plugin detector, you will be able to find out the active plugins on the website you are interested in.

What happens if I search for a site not powered by WordPress?

In case the website you are looking to find information about has not been created by WordPress, you will see a message informing you of this fact.