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WordPress vs. Static HTML Compared

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

Ever since the creation of WordPress, more and more individuals were given a chance to create and manage their own website, with only minimal technical knowledge. This is an accomplishment that was not possible prior to the development of this amazing online platform, as it has brought lots of possibilities into the online business world. However, like many highly innovative concepts, there are bound to be some negative aspects peeking through. Let’s take a look at what they are right now and compare them with another popular type of website.


WordPress Imperfections


Enabling people with no technical knowledge to be the ones in charge of their own site is an amazing feat in and of itself, however, even though it is incredibly simple to understand, it does take some time. When you first come to WordPress, you have to put in a little time if you want to get everything sorted out and learn how to use all the options and features optimally. Fortunately, everything is intuitive and the fact that so many people have already joined the club says a lot about its practicality.

After using a theme or plugin finder, and designing and creating the website, you will also have to be the one to update all the plugins and themes you have installed and this can also get a bit time-consuming, which could put people off and make them look elsewhere for what they need. Also, some of the content you might want to install might not be free, so you will have to spend a little extra in case you have your sights set on a pretty but expensive pro-WordPress theme.

There are many WordPress plugins available as well, so many in fact, that they might be difficult to find according to what specific features you are looking for. You could use a plugin finder, but so many choices could make it a challenging decision in the end. Either way, without the help of an efficient plugin finder, understanding exactly which is the best for you would be more difficult.


Our Plugin Finder can Also Search for WordPress Themes


It is not surprising that people want things to be done quickly and easily. This is why plugins are a huge advantage when it comes to a WP site. They bring a lot of customization and optimization variants that will simply improve the quality of your website. Depending on the domain you are looking to improve, there is no shortage of excellent plugins in the WP directories. And in case the task of finding them yourself appears daunting, why not use a plugin finder to dot the job for you? WhoisWP is the best one online right now and it’s free too. This plugin finder can also determine what themes sites are using so that you can instantly let yourself be inspired by your favorite website designs.


Plugin Finder that Makes WordPress Easier


The adaptability of WordPress doesn’t stop in the field of customization, the best and most evident advantage to choosing WP is the fact that you don’t have to have any advanced technical knowledge to create, design and maintain your own website, giving absolutely anyone a chance to own a business or keep an online blog.

In terms of SEO, WordPress is also highly friendly. When building an ever-changing site, with a lot of constant newly-added content, WP is unquestionably the way to go.


The Pros and Cons of HTML


The obvious and most daunting downside, when it comes to this type of website is that it cannot be implemented without technical skills, so the number of people who are willing to put in the effort is limited to those with the right knowledge. However, once this knowledge has been mastered, an HTML site won’t require that much in terms of upkeep compared to a WordPress site, and this may be an advantage to some.

The fact that an HTML website doesn’t use client to server communication, will definitely increase the speed at which the website loads by increasing its latency, and who doesn’t like a speedy website?


So Which One is Better?


As predictable as the answer to that question may be, it all comes down to preference and need. Most people seem to agree that for small niche websites, an HTML website is better, and for larger sites, that need constant upgrades and changes, WordPress would be best. But as long as you properly maintain and optimize it, your business will grow and flourish regardless of the type of website you have selected. And if you decide to create your site on a WordPress platform, you’ve invited to use our plugin finder to make things even simpler for you!