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WordPress vs. Joomla – Platform choosing done right

Posted by admin on February 23rd, 2017 in

You should think many indispensable things through when you want to start your own website. However, the first and potentially, most important decision will most likely be what hosting platform you will choose. Since both websites allow users to add templates and child themes, let’s take a look at more of the similarities, but also the differences between the two most user-friendly free online hosting platforms at the moment: WordPress vs. Joomla.


3 main requirements for a good hosting platform


WordPress has been around from 2003 and Joomla since 2005. It’s not a huge difference, however, you can be sure that the latter had more time to pick up some tips and tricks. Nonetheless, WordPress is still the most widely-used platform at the moment. With the largest theme and plugin directories, there are few who haven’t heard of WordPress. Joomla is fairly newer to the scene but has some interesting perks of its own to offer.


The following comparison will be based on 3 capital criteria, essential for any notable CMS to cover:


  1. Usability
  2. Customization
  3. Security


1. Requirements needed to use and manage your website on each platform


WordPress is easiest for beginners. The best feature that the entire concept of building your website with WordPress is the fact that technical skills are not required. Anyone can do it, which is why it became so popular, especially for bloggers.



However, if you are aiming to become a competent business owner, you should consider the fact that Joomla is more suited for e-commerce.


In comparison with WordPress, some coding knowledge is required with Joomla. This need for technical skills is probably the main turnoff in this case. Nevertheless, it makes up for it by offering great technical support. You can also more easily create and manage an online store with Joomla, rather than WordPress, but if you want to hire an expert to assist you, it will be far more expensive than doing that with WordPress.


2. Customization – Know what you want to the T, and customize accordingly

Customize you website

It is possible to change the CSS, according to your preference on both WordPress and Joomla. But WordPress has the upper hand when it comes to resources.


Thousands of themes and plugins are available in premium or non-premium form, all you have to do is look in the plugin or theme directories.


You should note that using the WhosisWP theme detector only works with WordPress websites, so you can search the vast array of enhancements WordPress provides, as well as get valuable inspiration from your favorite websites in one intuitive step.


As far as themes and plugins go, Joomla has a few, but they pale in comparison to WordPress. Even so, is still provides a decent number of options, should you want to redesign your website.


3. Security – Staying safe is a must, so keep your site protected


When it comes to security, with WordPress, you have to update and perform maintenance on your own, since you are the owner of the site. Security plugins are very easy to install, though, so they shouldn’t provide a problem.


You can also find various site security components in the Joomla Extensions Directory, but since Joomla doesn’t let you directly search for and install extensions from the admin area, you will have to do it manually, unlike on WordPress.


Changing your mind is always an option


In case you start out with a platform and subsequently decide it isn’t for you, do not worry. Having a change of heart is part of life. It is also possible to migrate your WordPress website to another platform.


WordPress vs. Joomla is not a competition, though. They are merely two different choices that anyone can make according to their own preferences, needs, and goals.