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What WordPress Theme to Choose

Posted by admin on December 15th, 2016 in

Creating your own website with WordPress is easy. It can also become a very rewarding experience as soon as you notice your business taking off and more users starting to find your site, read your blog or buy your products.

Think about what determines this growth and you will conclude that a unique and expressive theme will make your website become a lot more appreciated.


Pick a WordPress theme that matches your website


It’s important to have a clear picture of what you want your site to express, both in terms of design and the products displayed on it. Think of this as the backbone of your website. Your site should be well structured so that, in the future, any change you make will not alter the concept it was built on. It should also look amazing and offer something users cannot get anywhere else.


The WordPress theme directory


You should know that there are A LOT of online WordPress themes created by various authors out there, some more skilled than others. However, this excellent platform cares about what themes show up in their official directory and puts all of them through rigorous testing before accepting submissions. The directory contains only high-quality themes, as classified by WordPress, regardless if they are free of charge or not.


What WordPress theme factors you should consider


There are two main categories of WordPress themes we will be talking about: free themes and premium themes. But when you decide what WordPress theme to install, you should take 3 important factors into account:


  • the site’s main attraction
  • your main clients
  • your budget


Free WordPress themes


This type of theme is simple, unsophisticated and perfect for a blog or hobby page. Keeping things simple never goes out of style. And you will find the bulk of free themes on WordPress to be fairly intuitive and easy to work with. This is why so many people use them.

Some might think that free means low quality, but by using a WordPress theme detector tool to see what WordPress theme a site uses, we have noticed how amazing some of these free themes are.

The biggest benefit is, of course, the fact that they’re free. And you have to admit there is nothing better than free.


Premium WordPress themes


This kind of theme doesn’t come for free, and its monetary value is reflected in the enhanced quality and functionality of its features. They come with full support and professional customization options. You don’t have to be scared of the multitude of extra options, even if you’re a beginner because this platform is built on making things as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

By using this kind of theme, you will get the chance to make your WordPress website look unique and expressive.

Do consider investing in this kind of theme when you need a very professionally looking theme for a business website or an auctions website, for example.




You should consider the type of business you are starting to be the most important factor when you choose what WordPress theme to use. A bouncy, colorful look might not work very well to highlight the best features of your professional business and a sharp, somber design is probably not the best pick for an online children clothing store.

Use common sense, keep it simple and have fun managing the creative ideas on your website.