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Which WordPress Popup Plugin Should You Choose?

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

Having an online business can prove to be a challenging task nowadays, especially with so many inventions showing up, designed to keep ads at bay. When aiming to get more subscribers or to convince them to stick around for longer, pop-up plugins can be of great help.


You Can Rely on Our Plugin Detector

A plugin detector could be one way of finding what plugins you should choose. In addition, if you’re looking to improve your conversion rates, you may want to also check out the following list that compares the top plugins with pop-up features. We’ve created this list with our free plugin detector. See what characteristics these plugins bring to the table and why they have ranked so high among other online gadgets of their kind.


  • OptinMonster

This popular tool definitely takes the cake in terms of overall features.

It is a fast-loading plugin that pioneered an innovative feature that put it on the map and greatly elevated its general popularity. This component is called Exit-Intent technology and what it does is to make a popup appear whenever a visitor is about to leave your site, thus getting them to stay a little longer and possibly even to reconsider leaving at all.

This has allowed OptinMonster to become an extremely well-known WordPress plugin due to its ease of use, speed, reliability and being great for beginners. All these key attributes and other general features are the reason OptinMonster is at the very top of our list today.


  • ITRO Popup Plugin

This plugin is quite a unique find. The qTranslate-X plugin makes it multilingual. It includes a user-friendly panel that allows anyone to make any modifications from customizing popups to an array of different unique and very useful options. For example, the option to restrict the age of the user accessing the website might become useful for those sites featuring content only meant for adults, such as tobacco, alcohol, etc. Another great setting is the fact that you can set the popups to automatically close after setting a custom countdown timer.

Similar to a competent plugin detector, the success of this program stands in the fact that such a large number of options is presented in a very lightweight package which creates a powerful tool. This might be exactly the reason why some have deemed it simply the best WordPress popup plugin.


  • Gopiplus Popup

A major disadvantage when installing a popup tool on your site is the fact that there are many blockers nowadays that can stop the ads from popping up on the user’s screen and thus negating the entire purpose of the plugin to begin with. It is this very event that Gogiplus has been thought-up to prevent.

This is an unblockable popup plugin that also allows you to create dynamic and fully configurable popups for your WordPress website or blog. The fact that the popups cannot be obstructed is the perfect feature for fully using the power of ads to the max in order to enhance your site’s popularity by sending your customers special offers or welcome messages. The plugin is also extremely easy to install, configure, use and it also supports localization.


  • OptiMonk

This is another very original plugin that uses exit-intent technology to take popups to the next level. Not only that, but GEO-targeting, A/B testing and many more impressive cutting edge features make up the wonderful property display of this excellent online contraption that promises to convert more visitors to buyers.

Aside from displaying popups on exit-intent, on scroll, on entry or after a set number of seconds, it also offers users easy customization with WYSIWYG editor and integration with MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, AWeber, InfusionSoft, etc. we sure feel lucky that the plugin detector has helped us find this plugin.


  • Simple Popup Plugin

Sometimes, keeping it simple is important. Why? Because anyone can understand and appreciate true quality in a simple setting. Nothing promotes a product’s best features than the lack of distraction from them.

Providing users with versatility and an easy-to-operate tool that allows them to promote any kind of content, highlighting the main advertised product with nothing to take attention away from it is another approach to good advertising and it can be achieved wonderfully by using the appropriately named Simple Popup Plugin.

Can’t get enough of finding the most efficient plugins out there? Our free plugin detector invites you to discover even more. And, remember, searching for great plugins has never been easier with this amazing plugin detector.


A Plugin Detector to Reveal Even More Tools


These were only 5 of the huge collection of tools available on WordPress and, just in case you weren’t convinced so far, you are always free to try using a plugin detector. This is a valid option for discovering what plugin a website is using. With so many interesting options out there, you might want to try using a plugin detector to find out whether those successful sites you’ve been following are using some of the plugins mentioned on the list. Who knows, maybe this is the reason for their success.