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Top Marketing Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

No matter the type of affiliate website you are running, you are sure to benefit from more than a little inspiration when you use a few extra features added on by some useful tools.

There are so many kinds of excellent instruments on the internet nowadays which can help you find a great deal of useful information whenever you need it. For example, a plugin finder could be your way of searching for different WordPress tools that you can install to add functionality to your site and help your online business grow. The same principle stands at the base of designing and implementing online plugins and various other tools of the trade to ease the effort of online marketers and bring them faster, better results in a shorter time. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most used affiliate marketing tools we’ve discovered with our plugin finder.


Use the Plugin Finder to Uncover Great Plugins for Affiliate Marketing


  • Skimlinks

This plugin is easy to install and offers you various ways of creating, as well as maintaining, affiliate links. You will have easy control and great results, as this plugin will basically do all the work for you and help you monetize your content.


  • WooZone – Light Version

Being a light version of the WooZone plugin, this handy tool is of great help for importing products into your WooCommerce store in bulk ultra fast. It also optimizes your site for SEO by using all available information related to your products to the fullest and it introduces a detailed search, with sub-sections like keywords, categories or subcategories.


  • EasyAzon

A popular, highly rated plugin with great support for various locations benefiting from an Amazon Associates’ affiliate program. Automated affiliate link cloaking is just one of its pro additional features, which is enough to show that this plugin is meant to raise your Amazon earnings.


  • AffiliateWP

The keyword linker provided by this tool is a really good feature that allows you to place an affiliate link wherever a defined keyword appears on the website. You simply have to define the words you want to link by adding them to a list. It’s very easy to use and there are also additional features currently in development.

All in all, there are lots of affiliate marketing plugins available with our plugin finder, just a click away!


Other Assets Besides the Plugin Finder


Good tools are obviously gaining popularity nowadays and they don’t have to be plugins. Google has developed some innovative features lately and many people are starting to implement these awesome tools into their marketing strategy.


  • Google Webmaster Tools

This tool will basically provide a glimpse into the way a search engine sees your website. You will be able to know information related to keyword performance, how your pages are indexed, how often they are crawled and so on, to give you a wider perspective on how you can have more success.


  • Google Analytics

Everyone can attest to the fact that having analytics can be a game changer for your online business. This is a free tool developed by the giant corporation everyone knows and loves and it can become very useful for many reasons, as it contains many features to help you increase your online success. But even though it contains some advanced features that may prove to be a little difficult for beginners, the basics are fairly fast to grasp. And, since it offers the option of managing multiple accounts and websites under one dashboard, tracking links and A/B testing, you have the chance to get some real insight into your traffic which can up your level quite a bit.


A Free Plugin Finder Comes in Handy

As the number of passionate developers has been rising lately, and so has the vast array of excellent tools that they can invent to make work more profitable and uncomplicated for everyone, without missing out on any potential rewards. This list is a small example of what can be accomplished, but since every individual gets different results when they use a plugin finder, depending on preferences and needs, you should try conducting an investigation yourself and see what handy tools you can come up with by using WhoisWP. All in all, with the help of our free plugin finder it’s extremely easy to keep up with the latest WordPress plugins. Enjoy using our free plugin finder!