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Top Free Plugins for Your Business WordPress Website

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

So you have already built your own excellent WordPress business website and you are one step closer to living your dream. Your commercial enterprise might be running smoothly and with minimal problems, but in this competitive field, there’s always room for improvement. This is the exact reason why these tools were created, to transform a good website into a great one by allowing you to do your work faster and better.


An Intuitive Plugin Finder to Inspire You

For this reason, we’ve used our plugin finder and we’ve found some of the most popular and free WordPress plugins used by websites to increase their online business success. Using a plugin finder is a powerful source of inspiration that can help you achieve the best version of your site.


  • WPForms

In their own words, WPForms took the pain out of creating WordPress forms and made it easy. This tool can optimize your work by bringing you a huge number of options to create your online forms easily and efficiently. This one is a more beginner-friendly utensil among WordPress plugins. It lets you drag and drop to build forms, and store your leads in one convenient place so you can manage them later.

In addition, you will be able to combine registration forms with other marketing add-ons like AWeber or MailChimp to add every user to your email list automatically. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We felt the same when we’ve discovered this amazing plugin through the plugin finder.


  • Relevanssi

When thinking of plugins to use, this is a must-have. Relevanssi is used to replace the search found in WordPress with a better search engine for improved results plus a lot of extra features and a much better display.

Some of its key features include organizing search results in the order of relevance, allowing searching with quotation marks, but there are also more advanced options included, such as showing the most popular log queries, suggestions based on other successful inquiries, advanced filtering, search result throttling and many more. And, remember, this is only what the free version has to offer! However, if you’re not completely satisfied with the features of this plugin, you can always search for something better using the plugin finder.


  • WP Review

This is a tool created with the initial purpose of being premium, but eventually, the creators decided to make it free in order to support the WordPress community and give a little something back. The quality is top-notch as you might have guessed and it won’t slow down your site.If your business website contains reviews, you will love using this excellent WordPress plugin with numerous customization options to make the ratings on your review posts stand out. But rest assured, there are lots of other review plugins out there, just a click away if you use a plugin finder.


  • WooCommerce

This might just be the most extensively used gadget on our list of WordPress plugins so far. It’s a free and capable tool that will help you build your online store according to your brand’s unique requirements. It is even being used by a few of the world’s top ranking and trusted brands such as Harley-Davidson or Cosmopolitan, and it offers a great array of key features for you to use to customize everything according to your needs.

With reports for your sales, reviews, inventory and even a highly adjustable couponing system included in the multitude of features that come with this WordPress plugin, your online shop will thrive as it allows you to handle everything in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken. Still not perfect for you online store? Check the plugin finder again!


  • MarketPress

The creation of this powerful plugin was empowered by the idea of bringing together the key features of a highly useful eCommerce tool to ease the management of your online business. Aside from the many lovely themes for your store, MarketPress offers you the opportunity to create a network of stores that you can manage to increase your profit. If this plugin seems too sophisticated for your needs, just use the plugin finder to search for more.


  • Beaver Builder

With a super simple drag and drop design system, Beaver Builder is a great tool for the beginner and experienced user alike. Change images and texts on your page and always keep things fresh and interesting on your business website. It offers world-class support, unlimited site licenses and even lets you save or export the designs you have used so as to also utilize them on various pages of your website or on entirely different sites altogether.


Our Plugin Finder Checks the WordPress Plugins a Site Using


If you’re an advanced user and have already tried all the options listed above, there’s always a way to find more options when searching for online tools. WhoisWP is a plugin finder which makes it easy to detect plugins. If you like what you see on a site and think you might benefit from implementing it to your own, all you have to do is to run a quick check with our plugin finder and you will instantly know what WordPress plugins a site is using. After that, there’s nothing stopping you from installing the plugins you like the most on your own page and watching your online business soar to new heights thanks to the small but powerful improvements that can come from using the plugins you come across using the plugin finder.