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Top 11 free Font Squirrel fonts for your WordPress website

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In the world of ready-made templates, authenticity is becoming more and more of a struggle, especially when designing your WordPress website. One way to keep your website looking nice and original is to combine various types of good-looking design features.


Mixing up some fonts can be a great solution to take your website’s appearance from dull to polished. Unless dull’s what you were going for…


Value of making the right WordPress website design choices


Choosing what WordPress theme to use on your website is a major decision to take. Nonetheless, certain small details of your WordPress website design might prove to be equally as, if not more, important.


Take the fonts you use for example. They will help set the tone for the message you want to convey with whatever you are featuring on your site. Fonts can completely transform and enhance the character of your WordPress site, provided you make the right selections.


Choosing a WordPress theme font


When picking a font, you want to keep certain things in mind so as to make the optimal choice to adequately complement your end goals.


The capital question to ask yourself before implementing the new typeface in your WordPress theme is “what do I want this page to communicate?” It sounds basic, but sometimes, it’s the essential things that people tend to neglect.


Just like thinking about what WordPress theme to choose, and doing some research on the subject have supported your final decision, deciding the fonts to combine and implement on the chosen theme is necessary for an accurate end result.


Each font has a personality of its own, so you have to make them match, not clash with each other in order to get that perfectly balanced look.


Various buttons or headlines can add some great character to your pages, make them pop and become memorable to your visitors by using unique fonts on them.


Everyone knows that, in the case of a font, readability is the top deal breaker, but size matters as well. While you can read some fonts rather nicely in a large size, try making them smaller and see if they keep their readability or become just a jumbled up mess on the website you worked so hard to optimize.


Top 11 most used fonts you can find on Font Squirrel


Great Vibes Font

Starting things off with a classic, handwritten font. Great vibes looks nice and sophisticated while keeping the look simple. This is a great “less is more” font for your WordPress website.


Intro Rust Font

This font definitely has a striking look to it thanks to the old-fashioned element it contains. This in combination with the light reflecting off the large letters gives it a more authentic feel, great for jazzing up your titles.


Milkshake Font

Combining a classic handwritten look with a fresh modern approach, this font might remind you of the coffee houses of the 60s. Milkshake is a readable, versatile font designed in order to “keep the details to a minimum.”


Black Jack Font

This font is quite popular due to its edgy, and somehow laid back look that still keeps that conservative feel thanks to the handwritten effect.


Kaushan Script

This script inspires a level of order and sophistication. This is why you can use it for a variety of websites styles. It can also look great in combination with other fonts as well, in order to bring out the best in any written post.

Pacifico Font

Strong and bold, this typeface displays a heavier hand than most styles of the handwritten type. Pacifico is a sure way to attract the eye to the visual display on the page, so show off your WordPress website with this creative font.

Allura Font

As the name states, there is just something alluring about this font. It may be because of the handwritten look, or the light strokes, but you can just visualize the quill pen tracing the lines of the words displayed in this typeface.

Nexa Rust

Another rust-inspired font, this one has an even stronger, in-your-face look. The thick, decaying letters are a nice way of making a visual impact and making sure the text stays with the viewer.


Euphoria Script

A more swirly type of handwriting. Euphoria Script looks like it was created by someone wishing to instill a cheerful, special greeting card message for their loved ones.


Grand Hotel Font

With an old, classic feel to it, this font was inspired by the title screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole” and is a great way to bring a little retro atmosphere to your web page.


Elliot Six

I had to include this one on the list because it was genuinely inspired by a six-year-old child. Great for a number of refreshing designs, this font displays that adorable “carefree” look that only a kid can truly capture.


Plugins provide an alternative


Everyone enjoys convenience, and what could be more convenient than a plugin? They do a lot of cool things to help you manage your tasks and be more efficient.


By using the WhoisWP plugin finder feature, you could come across such helpful plugins as Easy Google Fonts. This is a fast way to add Google Fonts to any WordPress theme. A great plus of this tool is the real-time live preview feature, which lets you see exactly how the modifications will look.


This plugin lets you choose from more than 600 Google fonts and be in full control over your WordPress theme’s typography. Try this excellent tool and get inspired to come up with even more great ideas for your WordPress theme design.




Font Squirrel is one of the most popular font resources on the Internet. It offers free fonts for everyone. But if finding a special font to suit your tastes is a bit of a challenge, I hope the previous list was helpful for you to find the right kind of ideas. So have fun exploring the broad resources available on Font Squirrel and enjoy your website’s new look.