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Speed Up Your WordPress by Leveraging Browser Caching

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

There is always a lot of work to do when managing your own website since you always have to consider ways of improving traffic and adding various little optimizations to put yourself on the top of the food chain in the competitive online business community. WordPress plugins are a very easy way of boosting the qualities of your site in order to give it an edge. A website’s speed is one thing that everyone can agree is essential for creating the best environment for your clients to get access to your vision and there are a few ways of upgrading this component, with browser caching being the most popular one so far.


Browser Caching and WordPress Plugins


Caching is a process that a web browser does in order to make a website load faster. To do this, it temporarily saves information like (text, images, CSS files, etc.) from sites that have been previously loaded, in order for it not to load the site, again and again, every time you visit a certain website. This data is named the cache and it is the basic part when it comes to the entire process of browser caching. It’s meant to improve the server’s loading speed server and cut down on bandwidth usage, thus improving the overall speed of your website.

In WordPress, there are two main ways of leveraging browser caching so that you can enjoy the benefits of a faster-working site. The first way is by editing your WordPress .htaccess file, and the second and simplest one is installing WordPress plugins, so let’s take a look at some of the best plugins that can bring you amazing results and improve the quality of your website.


WordPress Plugins for Leveraging Browser Caching


  • Hyper Cache

This is surely one of the best plugins out there for maximizing the speed for your WordPress site. It works very well on any kind of server and it doesn’t need any complicated configuration.

With a double cache for desktop and mobile aware, HTTPS ready and an auto-clean feature to keep the disk space used by the cache in check, CDN support and many more special options, this plugin is quickly progressing on the list of the most popular ones out there, which is why we have placed it on top of our list.


  • W3 Total Cache

Among the various WordPress plugins, this one seems to be picking up a lot of speed lately as more and more users install it and companies recommend it. This happens due to the fact that it contains SEO optimization to improve user experience and page rankings, especially for sites that use SSL and mobile-friendly websites. An impressive number of features makes this plugin an amazing choice and it’s sure to improve the overall user experience for your visitors, without any additional effort on your part to change the way you produce content.


  • WP Super Cache

Among the most efficient WordPress plugins, you’ll find this awesome plugin which speeds up your site by serving static files. It uses 3 different ways to serve the cached files (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy caching) so it is beginner friendly, but it can be used by more advanced individuals as well. It also has the feature of cleaning up the stale, out of date cache files without affecting the posts or edited comments. It has an easy installation process and keeps everything neat after deactivating.

The aforementioned WordPress plugins are only the top three most used ones by WordPress users as yet, however, using a plugin detector is a really great way of uncovering the true potential that WordPress has to offer in terms of versatility, variety and why not, surprising finds. So next time you access a truly excellent site that you think looks and moves impressively, try using WhoisWP, the plugin detector, to discover the WordPress plugins that will surpass your expectations and bring some favorable improvements to your website.