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Safeguard Your WordPress Website Against Image Theft

Posted by admin on February 16th, 2017 in

Your WordPress website is your brainchild, a precious thing that you created and that you can watch grow and evolve to the best it can be. This is why you should really know how to prevent image theft.

Laying the groundwork for a good website also includes thinking what security measures to implement. But regardless if you’ve thought about them before or after creating your WordPress website, here are some ways to stop thieves from stealing your images. They may even end up improving the way your site works altogether.


The most effective ways of preventing image theft on WordPress


1. Add a watermark to your images

You could use Photoshop or Fireworks to add a watermark to your image. Here’s how.


How to add a watermark in Fireworks:

  • Open the desired image with Fireworks
  • In the menu options, select ‘File’
  • Choose ‘Import’ and double click the watermark image
  • Select ‘Import’ from the ‘Import Page’ dialog box
  • Use your mouse to drag the watermark where you want it to appear
  • Access ‘Layers’ and choose the one that contains the watermark


You also have various options to modify the way your watermark looks. You can use the ‘Scale’ tool, found in the ‘Tools’ palette to modify its size and the ‘Opacity’ button in the ‘Layers’ palette to change the image’s opacity level.


Use Photoshop to add a watermark:

  • Select ‘Create a new document’
  • Type in a text for your watermark
  • Click ‘Edit’
  • Choose the ‘Define Brush Preset’
  • Name your watermark brush
  • Open the image you want to display the watermark on
  • Select the ‘Brush’ tool
  • Select your brush from the ‘Brush Presets’ menu
  • Click the brush on the spot where you want your watermark to appear
  • Adjust the ‘Opacity’ from the Brush menu bar as desired


Alternatively, you can use the Image Watermark WordPress plugin, which is another fast, convenient way of implementing a watermark so as to prevent image theft. However, you always have the option to discover more plugins and themes for WordPress by using the WhoisWP plugin detector tool.


2. Have the copyright notice displayed on your site

Sometimes all it takes to prevent image theft is simply displaying the copyright notice somewhere visible. The most common place to implement this is in the site’s footer.

Copyright Notice


3. Protection against hotlinking

Installing plugins to speed up your site may not be the only way to reach a better site loading speed. Sometimes your bandwidth can be targeted by those wanting to steal your images. In consequence, this will make your site load slower.


Hotlinking is a fancy way of saying “bandwidth theft” because when someone is linking your images, they are also engaging your bandwidth every time the image is accessed. This will make your site work slower. To circumvent this issue, you could simply use a plugin.


The HotLink Protection plugin is a great example. Anyone can install it effortlessly, switch it on, and let it do all the work.


4. Eliminate the right-click option

The fastest and easiest way to do away with the right click option is by quickly installing a simple plugin.


WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is a very popular plugin you can use to do away with the right-clicking option on your entire website.


Keep in mind that the effect this plugin has will apply to your entire website. After you install and activate this plugin, the copy and save as options will be disabled when someone right-clicks one of your images. It also works to eliminate keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


Protecting your website comes first

After you’ve decided what WordPress theme to install on your site, and have learned all the ways to prevent the hacking of your WordPress admin area, you should still keep safety in mind.


Don’t take maintaining your website lightly and do your best to prevent image theft with these simple tips. You may be surprised how the overall state of your website will improve.