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Most Popular WordPress Themes in 2016

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

WordPress is the vastest and most widely available online collection of free resources that enables you to easily create, manage and optimize your website, make it look professional, and allow it to run optimally.

But with such a wide collection of free themes and plugins, it could get a little overwhelming when trying to make a selection. This is exactly the reason why we have compiled a list of 5 top WordPress themes used in 2016 that seem to have made every WordPress user swoon.


What WordPress Theme was the Most Popular in 2016?


  • X

This excellent, simple yet brilliantly named theme, provides an ingenious flexible structure to any kind of website it might be used to complement. X includes 4 carefully crafted Stacks to bring an element of ingenuity to its already well-thought-out list of features, especially since each of them comes with its own original design to make your website fascinate and captivate its visitors.


  • Morning Time

A truly high-quality WordPress feature, this theme is extremely adaptable and may be used for any kind of website, even though it seems to be preferred by those blogging websites in need of a professional look. Its charming design is great for catching your visitors’ eye and having them come back more often to experience a great feeling as refreshing as dawn. Whether you’re starting a blog or just want an amazing design for your site, Morning Time might be the answer to the question what WordPress theme should I choose?


  • FatMoon

A multi-purpose, responsive theme, meant to offer creative users access to the most creative dimensions WP has to offer. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, this is one of the WordPress themes with a wide enough array of possibilities to satisfy your demanding nature and completely match your website. You can tell it’s something else simply from the first time you see its name and you are sure to love using its adaptable menus and features.


  • Studio 8

Preferred by seasoned professionals looking for a great tool to power their business, this amazing theme brings users incredibly fast loading speeds and a bunch of impressive features that adapt to all devices, web browsers, and operating systems. It also offers the advantage of being multilingual and a money back guarantee after 30 days, in the unlikely case you might not be happy with the results it provides.


  • Circle Flip

This quirky, responsive application claims to be able to provide a whole new experience. It is a highly creative theme that is always kept up to date and which offers dedicated support. You will be able to fully customize Circle Flip and always manage the great look of your brand, so as to constantly keep it at the top of its game. The fact that it’s fun, easy to use and has a very attractive design, are only a few of the key elements that make this theme a perfect candidate on our list.


What WordPress Theme Should You Use?


Since it’s the best website-creating domain online, WordPress was bound to have an abundance of choices when it comes to flexible and adaptable website themes for users to be able to install. However, this might make everything a bit daunting when it comes to finding what WordPress theme is the right one for your site. Fortunately, there’s now a free online theme-checker to help out with just that process. From now on, when you see a lovely-looking website and would like to know what WordPress theme it is using, simply copy paste the URL of that site into the search box found on the WhoisWP homepage, and prepare to be amazed after pressing the button, as you will be presented info about the theme and active plugins the site is using. This is how you can find out exactly what WordPress theme you have to get from the directory, even if it’s not on our list.