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WordPress has quickly become the best online platform for those wanting to create a beautiful website, blog, to promote their business or bolster their career. It’s extremely easy to use due to its intuitive design and easy-to-approach features. Literally, anyone can handle it successfully. No wonder the array of users taking advantage of everything it has to offer spans from small businesses and bloggers to even giant companies and organizations like BBC, Variety, Best Buy and many more. Even celebrities like Beyonce are joining the club and promoting their successful careers through this accessible and amazing platform. Flawless.

Their tools are very well-designed and simple so that anyone can use them, without the knowledge usually needed to build a site from scratch, like coding or web design. Spending money on hosting has become a thing of the past. Save your pennies and put them to good use because you can simply use the free WordPress subdomains that come with hundreds of awesome themes, a 3GB of storage space and great customer support to aid you with any uncertainty you might have during your inventive creation process. These are the reasons why the popularity of WordPress is nothing but soaring.


Meet the Best Plugin Detector


But believe it or not, there are downsides to WordPress’ huge success as well. For instance, with such a large variety of themes to choose from, people can become a little confused about where to start looking. Here’s where the best plugin detector, also known as WhoisWP, comes in.

Say you’re browsing a website and you think it looks amazing. It’s pretty much the best site you’ve ever seen. Its sleek design and great menu functions are mesmerizing, plus it includes some killer add-ons to boot. You’re bound to start feeling that little green-eyed monster called jealousy starting to say: what plugins is this site using? I must have them too! But who has the time to start browsing the huge list of online themes provided by WordPress in order to find the exact one you have fallen in love with, or for finding the specific plugins to use? A WordPress theme detector with a built-in plugin detector would be the perfect solution for this situation.


An Effortless Plugin Detector


If you thought WhoisWP was just a mere WordPress theme detector, think again! This excellent tool can not only be used to detect what theme a specific site is using, but also as a plugin detector to check the plugins that have been used on it.

Now you will know exactly what amazing plugins were used or how that WordPress theme was called by simply doing a plugin check on But how do I go about it, I don’t have time to set aside for that long, daunting task! you might be tempted to say. But don’t be too hasty. It’s such an intuitive, fast process, you’ll be done in just a few seconds. Just follow these simple steps:

  • First, you need to be inspired enough to want some plugins, so get on your favorite websites and keep your eyes peeled. Our plugin detector will help you come across some interesting unique plugins you will definitely want to use.
  • Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, copy the website’s link.
  • After doing that, head on down to com. There is no need to burden yourself with choosing settings or figuring out complicated tasks, it’s all there on the homepage. The first thing you see should be the theme checker / plugin detector search box.
  • All you have to do is paste the copied link into the search box and voila! All the details about the theme, and more importantly the plugins, are there, on display for your convenience.
  • The last, but definitely not the least step of the process is to implement the plugins for yourself. This was the reason you’ve started searching for plugins to begin with, wasn’t it?


A Plugin Detector that Helps you All the Way


Just like that, you have all the information required in order for you to create the website of your dreams, enhance all its features and why not, add exciting features to ease your work. Regardless of the subject you want to approach or the style you’re going for, this plugin detector is the perfect tool. And it’s free. Now that’s what I call a good deal!

Use WhoisWP and save all the time and effort you could be channeling into making the best of your website or blog. You will be able to know precisely what plugins any site is using at the touch of a simple button. Quick and easy, without having to install an expensive application onto your device. Next time you’ll be asking yourself what plugins is this site using? you now where to find a definite answer.