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Lay the Groundwork for the Best WordPress Blog Structure

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It won’t take long before you discover just how intricate deciding all the features of your WordPress blog can get. From colors to plugins, let’s explore the various elements you should consider so as to start up your blog the right way.


Ways to get inspiration for designing your blog


Thinking what kind of website to plan with WordPress can sometimes be overwhelming. Nonetheless, a well-planned structure is key to coming up with the right ideas and making your dream blog come to life.


The customer is king

the customer is king businessman kneeling in front of his customer


You should first consider identifying your audience. Know who it is you will be writing for and what they would like to read about. Once you have determined this, making design choices and even modifications down the line will get a whole lot easier.


In the future, you will go on to tackle more complex issues, like how to prevent the hacking of your WordPress admin area, but first thing’s first.


Stockpile ideas for your WordPress blog


The questions you should ask yourself before even considering what WordPress theme to implement, should be:


Do I:


  1. design the theme myself?
  2. buy a template?
  3. hire a professional?


Depending on the answer, you will have multiple options for what your next step should be, but before we get into that (in a future blog post), let’s see how to get into the right frameset of mind for making decisions related to your blog’s theme.


Discover what gets you inspired


The first step to getting your creative juices flowing is self-awareness. Be aware of what improves your mood and places you in a creative spirit. After preparing the groundwork, you will be surprised what new, innovative ideas will spring up in your mind. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even decide to install a popup plugin on your website one day.


There are several tried and tested ways people use to boost their creativity.


Looking at pictures


Visual signals are strong. They are used to influence people’s moods and decisions daily, even without noticing it. It has been a method used for centuries, so why not use it on yourself? Look at the pictures that make you feel the way you want your readers to feel. It’s that simple.


Doodling or coloring


Adult coloring books are so popular today because people are noticing the overall creativity-enhancing effects this activity has. Give it a shot and if you find buying a book and pencils to be too time-consuming, try getting the same results the old fashioned way. Get a pen or a pencil and start doodling.


Analyzing other blogs


There’s no better way to get what works best than following in someone’s footsteps. All you have to do is look at all the blogs you find really impressive. You can find out what WordPress theme they are using with a WordPress theme detector and learn the name of the theme you thought fitted your vision. But doing a quick WordPress theme check is not the main focus of this step.


Remember to explore other blogs as much as possible. This will expand your personal idea database and the resulted blog will look more original. If you just take inspiration from one or two sites, they will end up looking similar and basic.


Reminiscing with memorabilia


Looking at the objects that mean a lot to you, will trigger memories and emotions from your past that will put your mind in a state of artistic contemplation. Let the objects you value inspire what you want to express with your blog design as well.


Why plugins are important for your WordPress blog


A WordPress theme is not the only thing your should be considering when thinking about your blog. Always keep in mind that plugins will make your life much easier, thanks to their time-saving qualities.


Using WhoisWP as a plugin detector works wonders when you want to check a website’s plugins. The plugin finder only takes seconds to show you the end results, so your time is well-spent.


Keep thinking and tweaking your ideas

creative process drawing concept

Keep in mind that the creative process is not over once you have decided what you want to communicate to the world through your blog. It is only now beginning and it is open-ended. So keep your mind and eyes open for new blog enhancing ideas and your blog has every chance to get noticed as soon as you hit that publish button.