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How to Prevent the Hacking of Your WordPress Admin Area

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

Technology is the greatest thing about the twenty-first century. It is also the most widespread cause of despair. Many businesses, transactions, and daily activities are dependent on the internet, which means they are also exposed to a great risk, as the more advanced the technology, the more advanced the strategies of those who try to sabotage it.

But don’t worry! There is also good news. The more progressive hackers get, the more security systems get reinforced and upgraded, and the process never ends. For this reason, it is always imperative that you constantly stay up to date with the new security updates, especially when managing your own website. However, the smartest way to prevent fixing a hacked WordPress website is to not let it get hacked in the first place.


WordPress Security Weak Points

The best thing about WordPress is the fact that it allows anyone to build a website, create a business or manage an online blog with minimal to no technical knowledge. As amazing and innovative as this fact once was, it might turn out to be a bit of a problem as well. The lack of technical know-how can lead to people taking security risks lightly, since they are not aware what they could be and where they can stem from.


Using a WordPress Theme Detector Can Be of Great Help


Themes and plugins are the best illustrations of this. Both WordPress themes and WP plugins can bring about certain dangers in terms of security, especially when utilized by novice users. For example, after uninstall, plugins may leave behind bits of data which, if not properly taken care of, may contribute to the vulnerability of your website.

Nowadays, a WordPress theme detector is the greatest tool at your disposal as it allows you to get a lot of things done in no time. A simple theme check performed with a WordPress theme detector will deliver all the information that could have taken precious hours or days of your time. And that is great. But as awesome as a WordPress theme detector can be, if you ignore the red flags and choose an unsafe theme, it can be devastating for you business. So let’s see some things you could do to increase the security of your WordPress website.


  • Always Backup Your Files

It is never a bad idea to have a backup. Whether you are about to change something major in the construction of your WordPress site or your aim is to upgrade it, a backup is an essential element for your safety. If anything goes wrong, you will surely thank your lucky stars for this idea. It’s always more painful to realize that the reason you don’t have a quick fix to an unexpected problem was laziness. So don’t be lazy! Do a backup now and your future self will thank you.


  • Pick a Secure Username

Anything you do, do not keep the default username Admin! That’s like setting out a welcome mat for hackers. Change this username as soon as possible! Changing your username from Admin to a more secure one is easy: simply login to your admin panel, select Users and the Add New option. Here, create a new user with administrator privileges. Now log out of WP and log back in with the user you have just created. All you have to do next is to remove the previous Admin user and voila! Now you have a safer username which doesn’t inform hackers of the fact that you are an inexperienced user.


  • Create a Great Password

Brute force attacks are really effective for cracking easy codes, so make it a challenge. The best way to make your password as secure as possible is to use a combination of all kinds of symbols, letters, and numbers, as well as changing it constantly.


  • Update Your WordPress

Your version of WP should always be kept up to date. Versions that are out of date are perfect for hackers to take advantage of, so eliminate that risk by constantly updating.

However, doing this process manually can be a hassle for some, and this is why developers have created plugins to do the job instead. It’s what a WordPress plugin does best after all, so take advantage of the great collection available in the plugin directory, or use WhoisWP, a WordPress theme detector and plugin to check the plugins from a top-notch website and see what they’re using for this purpose.


Using Our WordPress Theme Detector to Keep Your Site Safe


There are many more advanced ways of protecting your website, but too much information can be overwhelming for a newcomer to WordPress. So take in these basic security tips first and don’t worry, the fact that vulnerabilities exist does not mean that WordPress is a bad idea to use, quite the opposite actually. As stated at the beginning of this post, where a problem arises, so does a solution. With just a little forward thinking and attention to detail, you can keep your website perfectly safe, even if you’re a beginner.