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Flaunt your WordPress website by choosing the right fonts

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The first thing the visitors to your website see is extremely important. This being said, colors, fonts, and images should be the first things on your mind when you’re thinking how to design your WordPress website so as to perfectly mirror your ideas and concepts and also attract more viewers.


Main types of fonts


Serif – a kind of font with short lines at the end of the main strokes of a character.


Sans Serif – font types with no lines on the character strokes.


Decorative – these fonts are also known as script, ornamental or display fonts. They are the ones with a lot of character and embellished elements. Handwritten fonts are an example of this category of text.


Monospace – the letters making up this type of font look similar to the text you would get by using an old-fashioned typewriter. This font is mainly used for programming code because all the letters are the same width and make the seemingly infinite lines easier to read.

examples of fonts serif, sans serif, decorative, monospace

Typeface or Font – Why not both?


You might have encountered the term Typeface while browsing the Internet for information. If you are not quite sure what it means or how it differs from the term Font, let’s elucidate the mystery right now.


A typeface is also referred to as a family of fonts. Just like a child theme is a descendant of a parent theme, a font can also be a part of a family. Most people nowadays simply use the two terms interchangeably. Making this distinction was of more importance in the past, when fonts cast in metal were meant for print and so, they weren’t as flexible and easily modifiable as they are now, in the digital era.


A relevant example to illustrate this difference would be the popular Helvetica font. Helvetica and Helvetica Bold are part of the same typeface, but they are two different fonts. You might find other variations like light, bold, semi-bold, condensed, italic, etc.


What to consider when choosing a font


Both when deciding what WordPress theme to choose and when thinking about the right fonts for your website’s pages, there are certain things to keep in mind so as to make the best choice for your website.




The main reason you are using any sort of text on the page you are designing is so that your visitors can read it. Make it easy for them to explore your pages by choosing the font that most accurately represents your ideas in a clear, understandable way, while at the same time being engaging and attractive for whoever is looking at it.




If you pick two different fonts to use, you should make sure whoever sees them together can differentiate between them. If they are so similar that they get mistaken for one another, you should just stick to one of them. Varying the fonts you use can add an element of diversification which could end up making your site more attractive to look at.




According to a CNN article on how colors affect your spending, it looks like blue is a favorite among consumers because it projects a sense of security, red might trigger a sense of alarm making people become more cautious; yellow has the potential to make people more energetic or hungry, which is why restaurants make use of it most of the time; seeing pink relaxes muscle tension, bringing about a feeling of comfort; and black, a shade representative of sophistication, could class up your act, making your product look more polished and elegant.


What to be careful about


If you want to keep it simple and use a web-safe font that you can be sure works on all known devices, go with one of the following:


  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana



You also have the option of font embedding. This is a way for you to use custom fonts on your WordPress website. However, one thing to mention here is that even though there are so many cool-looking fonts that you will want to try out, some of them can seriously slow down your site’s loading time.


All the information needed for the custom font to be displayed on your website is located in your website’s Cascading Style Sheet, aka CSS. To use embedded fonts, you could use a popular service like Google Web Fonts. It luckily has an intuitive interface, so you don’t need to know much technical stuff in order to get things done fast and well.


Don’t overthink it


Laying the groundwork for a good structure is essential for the success of your website, and originality is always appreciated, but if you overthink things, you might end up with something less than your best. Don’t worry too much about what fonts to choose. You can always tweak how your website looks after you’ve gained some experience. For now, use this article as a simple guide to choosing the fonts for your WordPress website and enjoy the outcome.