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The first 7 things to consider for boosting conversion rates

Posted by admin on March 31st, 2017 in

When managing your own WordPress website you have to pay attention to a number of essential things. Among the top, most important elements to think of are the security of your website, the site’s speed, and its user-friendliness.


Nevertheless, the work a successful admin has to put in is never over. It could be fun, though. After taking care of all the essential factors comes the truly enjoyable part. You have to monitor how your site is performing and see if it could be doing even better.


What is CRO and why you should care


Conversion Rate Optimization is an invaluable marketing tool. Knowing what percentage of users are engaging in your website’s activity, lets you significantly improve the way you think your overall strategy and ultimately make the most profits out of your business.


Use online tools to lessen the load


With today’s fast-paced advancements, anyone can do just about anything online. Just look at WordPress users. Most of them can’t code to save their lives and yet, they still have their own thriving websites. You can always use some handy internet tool to bring you the information you require in order to get better results.


Remember that there is no ultimate fixed way of doing something, especially when it comes to creative thinking and design. What works for one website might not work for another because it might not be in keeping with its overall theme and concept. It is up to you to decide what works best. You can ultimately test it out and compare results.


Square one in the journey to higher conversion rates


Here are the key elements you want to start off with, when considering how to improve the conversion rates for your site.


1. Keep your headlines clear and concise


When it comes to writing your headlines, leave no room for interpretation, but keep it short. This will keep everything enjoyable to read and browse through.


2. Consider the color contrast


Each website has its own fonts and colors that may or may not make it memorable to its visitors. It’s important to give the CTA button a color that contrasts with the page it’s on. You can even consider making that color specific to the action you want the user to take. For example, the only blue element on your website could be the Subscribe button.


3. Social media promotion


Social media is a highly important means of expression and promotion nowadays. Optimize your website for social media, and watch those conversion rates soar.


4. A/B testing for an optimal design

Your WordPress website’s design is extremely important when it comes to letting people know what you are offering. Creativity charms users and makes them want to interact with your website even more. Nonetheless, sometimes you need some exact numbers to show which of several choices is better. Here’s where A/B testing comes in. This process¬†consists of dividing your audience into groups, showing them different variants of the same site, and determining which is better, based on conversion rate.


5. Speed and how to improve it for better conversion rates


The speed your website operates at is a super-important factor that can have a huge effect on conversion rates. A fast website is a joy to browse, so people will enjoy visiting it. You can improve the speed of your WordPress website in the following ways:


  • implement browser caching
  • enable compression to reduce page bandwidth
  • keep your code clean by eliminating the parts that are unnecessary, like spaces, lines, etc.
  • remove image comments
  • no BMP or TIFF formats
  • JPEG is the best format option to use for your images because it is compatible with all browsers. PNG is the second best
  • don’t use too many plugins, as they will consume your site’s resources and make it run sluggishly


6. High conversion rates are sustained by honesty


Don’t promise your clients stuff just to get them on your site. Users leaving as soon as they arrive can be detrimental in the long run, not to mention credibility has a major effect on your reputation.


7. Top competitors are your best teachers


Regularly checking out your most successful competitors is bound to teach you a thing or two. This way you can stay on top of your game, and optimize for success.


When in doubt, empathy is the answer


There is a lot more to be said, and many more details on how to significantly improve conversion rates. For now, the aforementioned points are meant to serve as a starting point for you to consider. From here on, your site can seriously start to grow. Luckily, WordPress is chock full of optimized themes and plugins, for helping you manage your site better, without any additional effort. Always remember to put yourself in your target client’s shoes and don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.