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Best WordPress Themes With High CTR for Affiliate Websites

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CTR is extremely important for marketing nowadays. It can be used to determine if you will maintain your ranking and to predict your overall success. Basically, it’s a highly important factor to be aware of regarding the success of your business, as it can seriously increase your conversion rates. And even though affiliate marketing often goes unnoticed by advertisers, it can still play an important part in many eCommerce enterprises’ marketing strategies. This is why a theme with a high click through rate is a must for an affiliate website, but how do you find one? The answer couldn’t be more simple: do a WordPress theme check!

When you find yourself wondering what WP theme is that site using? it’s only natural that you start searching for it online. However, variables like the huge volume of styled themes, individual tastes or website end-goals, can be discouraging for some. No wonder they just give up trying and settle for an alternative that isn’t quite what they wanted. But why should you settle when, with the help of a cool little online device called WhoisWP, you can immediately do a  WordPress theme check to find out the most important details about the page you were interested in. A WordPress theme check will instantly show you the name of the theme and the plugins working on the site, so you can immediately implement it on your own and fully experience everything it has to offer. We’ve done a WordPress theme check to compile a list of the best themes suitable for your online business.


Top WordPress Themes With a Raised CTR


  • The Voux – A Comprehensive Magazine Theme

This is one of the elegant and chic-looking themes provided by WordPress. You can obviously tell just by looking at it that a lot of attention has been put into creating it. It comes with full WooCommerce support, it is fully responsive, so you know it looks amazing on any device or browser. It’s not only SEO friendly, but it also works flawlessly with social networks to display content elements based on your site’s popularity, among other great features. Still wondering if there’s an even better theme with high CTR? Just do a free WordPress theme check and find out right now!


  • Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Newspaper Theme

A lovely retina ready theme with a fully responsive mode that can be turned on or off at your convenience. It includes a huge number of customizable layouts, colors, and fonts, features a very interesting social counter widget and a page builder that lets you easily design and revamp your home page again and again simply by using drag and drop. In the designers’ own words it manages to balance power and beauty, resulting in a high-quality browsing experience for all users. And of course, it is WooCommerce Ready and responsive to various ad networks, among many other versatile features.


  • Sensational

This theme’s strong features make it a great choice for a blog. Not only it is optimized for Adsense and SEO, but also includes integrated social sharing buttons and 12 custom widgets to eliminate the need for additional plugin installations. It is hand-coded using HTML5 and CSS3, which gives you access to everything you can think of in terms of availability and state-of-the-art web content.

The fact that WooCommerce, one of the most popular and widely-used eCommerce plugins online, is also integrated into this theme makes it an excellent choice for selling your products and services as skillfully as possible.

These are only a few of the features the Sensational theme comes with. Discover the rest by using it yourself.


  • Magazine – Responsive Multi-Purpose & Magazine WordPress Theme

This is a clean theme with amazing features. Even though it is already amazingly easy to customize, it also features a reliable 24/7 Technical Support System in case unknown issues arise, and despite its apparent simplicity, it contains an extremely simple-to-personalize homepage which can be a great time-saver. Its portfolio also contains the Woocommerce plugin for a first-rate merchandising experience, live search with AJAX, responsive Google Adsense and more.


  • GOLIATH – Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

Not only Goliath is a fully responsive theme that looks absolutely amazing on any device, but it is also impressively user-friendly when it comes to creating product reviews. Goliath will help you set up your advertising with Google Adsense, and it has a unique active particle parallax background, Photoshop filters, rich snippets and more.


Try a Free WordPress Theme Check


At one point or another, while thinking about ways of improving your business, you must have browsed multiple sites for inspiration and asked yourself what theme is that site using? Every business has its specific needs, so if the themes on this list were not completely satisfactory, you can do a WordPress theme check to find out what theme your favorite site is using. Using WhoisWP to perform free a WordPress theme check is a fast, intuitive process and it requires no installation or download. Simply paste the URL of the page you admire in the search box and find out what theme and plugins that certain site is using. Install them yourself and see how they impact your business.