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10 Best Map Plugins for WordPress to Add on Your Website Right Now

Posted by admin on May 5th, 2017 in

If you are a passionate cartographer or simply a travel blogger, you need to know one thing: MAPS. Maps are often perceived as motionless illustrations of the world, when in fact they tell stories that sometimes people can’t.

A travel blog will become much more valuable if visitors are able to navigate through the footprints of their favorite adventurer.

Again, pins make a contact page much more useful and will bring out more buyers to any land-based business, truth be told. So, hang on to a plugin and start creating attractive maps for your content pages.

Although Google Maps goes with an embedding code, some WordPress geeks tend to feel more pleased with a more detailed customized map plugin, which offers more features and customization possibilities.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best free and premium mapping plugins from the web.


  1. Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is an excellent premium plugin for your WordPress website and it integrates totally amazing with Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps etc.

It features more than 800 mapping icons, easy keyboard map navigation, as well as popup descriptions to all map pins.

This plugin is also optimized for mobile and since people love to check maps directly on their smartphones, make sure you will sail the seven seas with it!


  1. WP Google Maps

Is a free mapping plugin, yet more powerful than so many premium others.

This plugin allows you to highlight the locations that fascinate you. Plus, by adding bright polylines and polygons to your maps, we are sure it’ll lure more visitors to your website.

In addition, you can add a wide variety of layers that particularly interest you: bicycle routes, traffic, public transport, and weather.

This plugin has two small disadvantages: one is that the Google’s standard pin is the only marker icon. Secondly, because it’s a free version, you can only create a single map.


  1. Interactive World Maps

Interactive World Maps is a premium WordPress plugin ($21). This plugin suits your needs perfectly because you can keep track of all the places you’ve traveled to by now and you can also mark new locations where you wish to go.

Nevertheless, if you are a corporation, you can display all your worldwide office locations, subsidiaries, and projects you are involved with.

Plus, you have the option to navigate across continents and discover a great deal of information about countries and territories which are of interest for you or your company.

Because it is fully compatible with iOS, you have the liberty to create your own tailored responsive map, directly from your smartphone, thus revealing the entire world map or simply just a continent, country or urban area.

If this wasn’t enough, just by adding a special shortcode: [freeworldcontinentmap] into the content of a page or post, you will generate a map in no time.


  1. MapPress Easy Google Maps

Is a great free WordPress mapping plugin and it is based on the latest Google API because it gives you the freedom to easily integrate multiple maps into a single post or page.

Its most useful features: the street view option and the possibility to check real-time traffic conditions, in addition to viewers being able to get driving, walking and cycling directions.

If you decide you need more options, there is also a premium version you can upgrade to.


  1. Maps Builder

Thanks to the intuitive WordPress Customizer feature, you can use it to create and cut maps. You will be able to fully manage zoom levels, street view options and even change the map style, all of it in the free version.

Nuisance! The Maps Builder plugin has an evil twin brother! In addition to the free features, the premium version, which goes up for $58, really gives you the option of creating map mashups, integrating new rich layers and custom markers.



It’s probably one of the most popular map plugins used by WordPress freaks.

Being fully compatible with Google Maps, this plugin will also let you attach interactive customized maps while maintaining the feasibility of Google Maps.

You have the possibility to set custom pins to your locations of interest, mark destinations with hover boxes and, better yet, add picture galleries.


  1. 5sec Google Maps

It’s a very profitable and easy to use map plugin, available for only $12. Very popular with worldwide WordPress users, it brings forth a fine selection of features such as: unlimited number of marker icons, text boxes and 10 attractive map skins.

By adding text boxes to your pins, you can allow visitors to collect a lot of information regards to your locations.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, there’s no need for anything else. The map is ready in half a second!


  1. Google Maps Widget

For anyone who needs a map in the blink of an eye, Google Maps Widget might be what’re looking for. It was initially created as a widget and due to its simple short code, you can embed Google Maps to your posts and pages. It features unlimited pins, road and satellite maps, custom pin icons, three map color schemes (default, refreshed and ultra-light), a search bar and map language options, among many others.

This plugin if teeming with customization options and it gives users the power to adjust the zoom level and the extra lightbox features, just close it on ESC key an overlay click.


  1. Leaflet Maps Marker

It has both a free and a premium version, but we’re going to talk about the free version today since it’s really cool in itself.

This plugin is full of excellent features: you can choose from more than available 1,000 customizable marker symbols, it shows popup text or image descriptions for each map pin and as importantly, you will benefit a lot from its dynamic preview of maps in the backend.

It works like a pro with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Bing.

In addition, if you need to have a reasonable number of markers on your maps, this plugin comes with another incredible asset such as marker clusters. This feature is well animated and just by clicking on a cluster, you will be able to see the pins which shape it. Pretty cool, huh?

Leaflet Maps Marker is probably the best free map plugin you will find.


  1. Geo Mashup

This a cool WordPress plugin with such a catchy name! Geo Mashup goes amazingly with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Leaflet.

It gives you flexibility to create beautiful maps with marker clustering. Its most important feature is probably the facility to link your posts/ pages to a location on the map. In other words, just by clicking on a map pin, the plugin will display a summary of post or page.

In conclusion, Geo Mashup puts you in command of your content along with real geographic information.

Bottom Line

All plugins listed here are Internet’s best due to their neat features and usability.

Maps are crucial for everyday life. Having a map full of pinpoints, visitors and customers will be able to find you more easily.