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Basic Principles of WordPress Blog Design

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Blog design is extremely important, especially when it comes to showcasing your content in a presentable and attractive manner. Find out why a blog’s design matters so much for your readers in the following blog post, and get some new ideas while you’re here.

Tips and ideas for creating a blog’s design

The great thing about a creative platform like WordPress is the fact that you don’t have to build a site from scratch. This makes the creative process more fun and much faster for those who are looking to maximize their results by using their time to the fullest.

Everything you do, whether it’s writing a grocery list, planning an invincible website or setting up a blog, usually starts from a general idea. After coming up with that, you can divvy up that idea into smaller categories. It’s the same with designing or even redesigning a blog. It always makes things easier when you start by setting up a basic structure to follow.

When creating a blog’s design, you should first start with thinking up the blog’s purpose. Think what its visitors will use it for. This will make it easier to decide what type of theme will match the site.

Keep in mind that the human mind usually likes repeating patterns. The most relevant example for this kind of behavior is the way we read. Typically, when communicating in English or most other languages, we read from left to right. This makes the standard blog design, featuring its content on the left and a sidebar to the right, perfect for pulling in the viewer’s attention towards the most important information on the page. This, coupled with a clever icon selection and other extra features, will soon turn your blog into an irresistible work of art, provided you have the right content of course.

Inspiration for designing a WordPress blog

Inspiration can come from many conventional but also unpredictable places. You could get a brilliant idea from seeing a fly landing on the windowsill, or by reading a specialized book. It’s really up to you where you get your inspiration from. Eventually, it will all boil down to selecting the right WordPress theme for your business and using everything skillfully. Try to determine what gets your thoughts flowing in the right direction. This is different for everyone, so it should be a uniquely specific experience. Alternatively, you also have another option.

WordPress blog design help

You’ve probably already noticed that using the best WordPress theme detector tool is a piece of cake. It is intuitive and provides great assistance for all your designing needs. Once you find a site that grabs your attention, simply use WhoisWP to discover what WordPress theme the website is using. You can also see which plugins are helping to boost its performance.

Choose the right theme

A perfectly chosen theme can make a huge difference in how your blog is perceived and evaluated. The main criteria by which WordPress users pick a theme is basically the price. There are free and premium WordPress themes.

Premium themes have more customization options, they have support and they are less vulnerable. Of course, all these additional features come at a cost. Free themes are, as you might have guessed, free of charge.

Use a plugin

Speaking of plugins, a favorite and easy solution for WordPress blog creation is, of course, the ever-so-popular plugin. These useful add-ons give you the option to install various extra features that seamlessly integrate with WordPress and other, more specific kinds of programs, like your must have SEO plugins, for instance.

Explore the WordPress directory and enjoy all the variety it offers. If you are looking to save time, when you do a theme check with WhoisWP, you will notice that this cool free tool also displays what plugins have been installed on the website you are analyzing. A great example is the Blog Designer Plugin. This is a free plugin which can help you design your blog page and give it that wow! factor.

The Internet is an amazing resource that can answer all your questions, like how to optimize your website for social media, how to add popups to your site, and more. In almost all cases, there’s a plugin for that and it usually exists on WordPress.

WordPress blog design trends in 2016

  • Responsive Design – It is only natural that with the rise in popularity of mobile devices, websites would adapt and enhance their features accordingly. Making your website responsive is a no-brainer. The concept is based on adapting to user activity, so it’s obvious why this particular aspect has basically become essential when designing a web page.
  • Microinteractions are everywhere, and with good reason. They work to make a website more engaging, helpful and communicative for users. Not to mention they make it look more presentable and give an overall dynamic feel to any page.
  • Long scrolling sites are super-popular nowadays and this is probably because they employ a tempting tactic that makes users want to see what happens next. It’s the same principle as storytelling, a simple but highly effective concept that works wonders, especially for mobile friendly websites.
  • Rich Animations – There are so many types of animations to choose from, and they can always be tweaked to suit any kind of objective. From loading to background animations, these graphics can really help your blog stand out and become a more memorable experience for your clients. One that they would not mind repeating in the future.

The Future of WordPress blog design

It looks like designing the right look and feel for your blog is getting more and more intuitive every day. You can have fun and enjoy exploring your creative spirit with a multitude of tools and options at your disposal via WordPress. So feel free to get out there and enjoy putting your creative spirit to work.