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7 Strong WordPress Plugins to Eradicate Content Theft

Posted by admin on February 28th, 2017 in

When using our awesome online plugin detector, we stumbled upon some useful free tools that might be exactly what you were looking for, in terms of keeping your WordPress safe. These are 5 powerful WordPress plugins to help prevent content theft and eradicate it altogether.


1. WP Content Copy Protection


We all know WordPress is amazing. That’s the reason why it is the most renowned CMS in the world and the reason so many people are in love with it. Plugins are a big part of its worldwide success.


This plugin, in particular, is great to use thanks to the multitude of ways it can use to guard any kind of WordPress website. Blogs and business websites alike can benefit from the protection this lightweight Internet device employs.


2. CopyProof Website


The best things about WordPress is how accessible and easy to use it is. For this reason, keeping it secure is a piece of cake, especially when you have a handy little plugin finder on hand to help you discover the best tools for the job.


The plugin works especially well for photography or article-based sites and has many useful functions. One of its features gives anyone who takes a screenshot 72 dpi, instead of 300 dpi. Great for discouraging content theft and it’s 100% free.


3. WP-CopyProtect [Protect your blog posts]


This plugin can keep your blog posts secure, without affecting SEO. It’s a simple, effective solution to keeping a WordPress blog safe. By using it, you can disable the right-click function and also the selection of text. Instead, users who try the disables features will see a popup appear.


4. Prevent Content Theft [Disable Right Click]


Just like you can prevent the hacking of your WordPress admin area, preventing content theft is becoming easier thanks to plugins. By deactivating the right-click function, you will be discouraging the simplest way of stealing images from your site. A simple, to the point plugin that does its job well.


Upgrading to the PRO version will give you, even more, power to disable actions, like the image drag-n-drop, the text/image selection, and more.


5. Opt-In Content Locker


This plugin was designed to help simplify workflow and help you display the content of your website selectively. This way, you can choose the content you want to protect, which will become visible after users submit their name/email.


Supported by MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, Sendy, and MyMail. This plugin is a great way of extending the practicality of your site.


6. Image License and Protection


Protecting your WordPress website against image theft is a must nowadays because it’s extremely easy to hotlink images. However, by using this plugin, you can rest assured that your images are safe from harm.


Powered by, this tool comes with a primary function that adds a button on the images for protecting the copy action, while at the same time, offering you a solution to sell image prints and image licensing.


7. Tynt Insight for WordPress


If you are familiar with Tynt’s excellent copy & paste functionality, you’ll love implementing it to your WordPress website. This handy plugin will help you do just that, with no effort or learning curve. This way, you can easily learn what’s being copied from your website and how to use that to your advantage.


A savvy WordPress plugin user stays out of harm’s way



The WordPress theme your website is using can also play a huge role in keeping your site secure. Regardless if you are using a super-secure popular WordPress theme from 2016, Remember to always keep your themes, plugins, and your WordPress up to date.

A savvy WordPress plugin user stays out of harm's way

Another tip you might have overlooked is to always choose a username and password that are difficult to crack. It goes without saying that you should never, ever choose the username Admin. When it comes to passwords, make sure they contain alphanumeric characters and a mixture of lowercase and capital letters.


With knowledge on how to keep your WordPress website safe, no one can stop you from reaching your desired goals. Have fun building the best website you can be proud of, and enjoy exploring everything WordPress has to offer!