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5 Plugins for a Super Fast Mobile Friendly Website

Posted by admin on October 31st, 2016 in

WordPress is a vast and wonderful place to get lots of things done and having a large variety of choices can be amazing, but at times, it can be a little too much to handle, especially because you can’t possibly get to know all the available plugins, plus their individual features. There has to be an easier way. This is what the developers of WhoisWP had in mind when they have created this simple-to-use tool and have introduced the plugin detector. Now you can use this plugin detector to find the right plugins to make your WordPress website mobile friendly and fast by simply installing them and letting them do all the work for you.


Our Plugin Detector is the Solution for A Mobile Friendly Site


Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want your WordPress site to be mobile friendly. This can be accomplished by either using a mobile WP theme, designed specifically for tablets and smartphones or a responsive one, which means it will make your site automatically adjust and adapt to being viewed with a tablet or smartphone. And since WhoisWP also works as a plugin detector, it will surely make your life easier!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 powerful tools in the form of plugins for a visually pleasing and functional mobile friendly website.


  • Jetpack

Jetpack provides a great mobile version for your WP powered site. Your site will be mobile-optimized in just a few minutes thanks to the great number of features that this plugin is able to provide. For example, it has an interactive dashboard that makes managing the website very intuitive and simple.

A fast upload time for images and reducing website bandwidth are also top components of this plugin, which has put them on our list today, but these are certainly not all the great options this handy tool has in store for its users and because it’s free, you can check it out and discover everything it can do. It won’t disappoint you!


  • WP Mobile Detect

Based on the PHP Mobile Detect class WordPress Plugin, this entry represents one of the more popular, highly appreciated tools among WP plugins. And this might be due to the fact that it is extremely easy to use for beginners and enables them to accomplish advanced tasks without any advanced coding knowledge, like hiding content according to which device the user is on, for example, in order to ease their experience and not exhaust their bandwidth.


  • MobilePress

This is a highly effective mobile plugin for making your WP site mobile-friendly. It is integrated with in order to allow you to manage and create your own ads from the largest networks like Quattro or Admob and even track your visitors with the help of the analytics tool. It’s very easily manageable so that anyone can use it, regardless of their skill-set.


  • WP Mobile Edition

Compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows phone, this is one extremely intuitive and adaptable choice of WP plugins. In addition to offering some great optimization options for your website, it automatically enhances your site for SEO as well, which adds another reason to the list of fantastic and useful features WP Mobile Edition has to offer.


  • Obox Mobile

Since it offers an impressive amount of visual customization, Obox Mobile is a fantastic plugin that allows your creativity to really shine through and bring your WP website to the next level. Its design alone is an indication that a nice amount of planning has been put into this updated tool. It will eliminate all unnecessarily displayed content, according to what device it’s being accessed on, so as to speed up your website and it will allow you to play around with various colors, title fonts and more so as to create your own unique visual expression, suited for the style you had in mind.


WhoisWP – The Ideal Plugin Detector


When looking for the perfect WP plugins for your website, there is no better, faster way of finding the right ones than our plugin detector- WhoisWP. So, you might as well give it a shot. Since it’s free, you have nothing to loose.

If you already have your own WordPress website, a plugin detector is a great way of keeping it really well-optimized. And in case you’ve been eyeing some really great sites for a while now, thinking about finding inspiration on how to optimize your own site and bring it closer to perfection, it just got a whole lot easier. The solution is simple, just use WhoisWP as a quick plugin detector and find out if the respective site has any active plugins to boost its functionality and make it more responsive, faster, safer or any other improvement you might be thinking of.