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4 Easy ways to speed up your WordPress website

Posted by admin on April 19th, 2017 in

Picture this: you want a complicated website with lots of animations, a full-width pop-up on the first page and some CSS transitions that will capture your eyes. But your pages have a big load time and you don’t know why.

The situation can be different, like this: you have a website that was built a long time ago before the minimalist design was born. You have flash animations on your website and you don’t know why PageSpeed Insights gives you a small score. Let me tell you some secrets about the page speed of your website!


Keep it simple!

It can be as simple as possible. In fact, it has to be as simple as possible because we have to make a website both for users and for Google. Google doesn’t like if the user doesn’t have a good experience on the website and it doesn’t like either if the user is not coming back on your web page. So what we have to do? Keep away all the flash animations, make a simple, minimalist design. This will make your users happy and improve your website’s performance.

Why can’t we use flash anymore?

In a far-away era, all the websites had flash animations. But now, these flash animations are affecting your SEO and they populate your website with unnecessary information. Google can’t read this information as HTML so you will have to get rid of the flash animation from your web page to have a clean design. If you want your users to have a great experience both on desktop and mobile, you will have to reduce the response time of every page.

In this article, we will tell you some secrets about the page speed of your website.


Tips & Tricks – The speed matters!

First of all, you have to know that there are plenty of ways that will help you decrease the load time of the page. If you are not so good at these technical modifications, we highly recommend you to buy an SEO-optimized theme that is already both retina ready and it loads quickly and use plugins for the best performance. Here you have a list with top free plugins for your business website that will help you!

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1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification

Did you ever hear about minimization/minification? This process will remove all the useless characters from source code without any transformation of the functionality.

Let me tell you how it works. The minification means that, if in the source code was found any blank spaces, any comments or block delimiters which are not required for the good functionality of the code, they will be removed. In that way, your code will load so much faster and better.

Basically, if the programmers are not working anymore with that code, you have no reason to keep the white spaces because they are there only for the good readability. Smart, right?

Extra tip: Another trick that you will have to use. If you have, for example, 5 CSS files, narrow all of them into one. In that way, the browser will not send a lot of requests to the server and your site will load faster.


What programs can we use?

  • If you want to minify HTML, try HTMLMinifier.
  • For CSS minification, use CSSNano and csso.
  • For JavaScript minification, you can try UglifyJS. The Closure Compiler can also work very good.


2. Optimize your images

The answer for: “How to speed up my website?” is: “Optimize your images!”. If you are looking for a method that is effective for every website, this is the one! Optimizing your images is a must if you want your website to load faster. You can use Photoshop or online free versions of Photoshop that will help you get high-quality pictures, but it’s necessary to resize photos before you upload them to your website.


3. Hosting provider

Check if your hosting provider is the best in town. You can find in the market lots of benefits and good prices, so choose the one that fits better for you and for your website! Make your website the best!

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4. Cache plugin

As I was saying earlier, a cache plugin is more than important for your website. On WordPress, there are hundreds of good plugins and you have to explore and use the best of them. A cache plugin will help the speed of your website because it helps you store information and display them later.

You can use to find out what WordPress theme is a website using and also to find out what plugin is a website using. Impressing, right? Check it out and speed up your WordPress website!

You have to make sure that your mobile version is also fast and secure. We highly recommend you to read the article that shows you 5 powerful plugins that will make your website faster and safer.


We hope this information helped and you will speed up your WordPress website.