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3 Invincible Websites to Plan With WordPress

Posted by admin on December 21st, 2016 in

We already know that WordPress is an amazing place to start creating a blog or a website from scratch. You start with thinking about the optimal design and choosing the best WordPress theme to give character to your website, and finish with installing the right plugins needed for your business to thrive. Variety is something you can always count on with WordPress.

There is so much variety in fact, that we thought of selecting the top 3 most popular types of WordPress websites. Maybe you will feel inspired to start one yourself after reading this post.


Type of website, plugin or what WordPress theme to use


Determining the best marketing tools and plugins for your WordPress site is now a piece of cake when you have an efficient organization system or a plugin finder. This is a great way of keeping your site fresh and optimized. But first, you should make a choice about the general content of your site.


1. Personal Blog


Before you decide what WordPress theme you should install on your website, you must determine what kind of site it will be. Personal blogs are unquestionably the most popular of the websites started on WordPress and they can also have the following subcategories.

  • Music Blog – You might like Busta Rhymes, Mozart or Taylor Swift. With WordPress, you can have any preference in the world. You will definitely find a way to give your website character through design and functionality.
  • Family Blog – The perfect way to keep relatives updated is through a creative blog. Show them what’s been happening and enjoy the creative process of designing a site with no technical knowledge.
  • Travel Blog – Everyone loves to travel and share their awesome findings with the world. Make it easier with WordPress.
  • Health Blog – Many people would say wellbeing is the most important subject of all. This is why WordPress offers everyone a chance to help others by creating a health blog.


2. Online Business


This is the second most popular WordPress website type you can create. The activity of designing your own online business is exciting and creative. Thinking about what WordPress theme gets you the most clients, and other minute details like selecting the right WordPress theme for your business can prove to be very fun, even though it’s work-related.

  • eCommerce Store – WordPress can help you create the online shop you have been dreaming of. After you create your store, there are also many plugins to use to improve every aspect of your online business.
  • Job Board – Intuition can get you far. Especially when choosing a job. Allow people to post job listings and responses for specific industries.
  • Business Directory – The great thing about the internet is the wide variety it offers, especially for small business owners. Create a centralized directory organized in various categories.


3. Online Knowledgebase


Before you get into more complicated things like learning how to safely migrate your WordPress to HTTP, you have to keep in mind that knowledge is power.

  • Wiki Website – A great type of website to have in mind and create is an informative wiki website where people can learn new things.
  • Podcasting Website – You also have the option to start a podcast on WordPress. It’s really fast and easy because all you need is to use a plugin and you’re all set.
  • Question & Answer Website – This kind of website is similar to a wiki site, except it focuses more on specific questions and answering them as efficiently and quickly as possible.


The WhoisWP theme detector saves you time


All these kinds of sites are just some of the popular website types that will probably never go out of style. Don’t forget, you always have the possibility to speed up your WordPress site with plugins and make it the best it can be. Now that you know what you want to create, all you have to do is pick what WordPress theme will complement your decision the most. Luckily the WhoisWP theme detector is easy to use, so you won’t waste any time at all.