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10 location finder plugins for the pragmatic business owner

Posted by admin on February 1st, 2017 in

When you own a physical store, a location finder plugin should be one of the most important plugins to have in mind for implementation on your WordPress site. Doing this is a great advertisement for your location and makes it far easier for your customers to reach you and enjoy your awesome services.


By using the WhoisWP tool as a plugin finder, you might discover lots of useful plugins for your site, but since we’ve already done that work for you, let’s see what findings we have uncovered ourselves.


Top 10 WordPress locator plugins


If you enjoy rich lists, with multiple options to enhance your business, keep on reading the following report. You will learn the names of the 10 most used location finder plugins on WordPress.


1. Store Locator Plus for WordPress


This plugin was designed by focusing more on functionality and less on visual design. Reducing memory usage and loading time is a top priority on this developer’s list.


Enhanced by add-ons and extended features, such as enterprise location management and a highly customizable user experience, this plugin lets you center the starting map at any location in the world, turn the map display on or off or modify the built-in Google Map controls. And those are just a small example of the great variety of options this handy plugin has to offer.


As a side note, this plugin will always remain fully functional and free, according to its creator. Enjoy!


2. VO Store Locator


The frequent updates and great user support this plugin offers are unquestionably its strongest features.


You can implement this plugin with one single line of code and add unlimited locations to showcase store listings, class and job locations, event listings and other locations with the use of Google maps.


3. WP Store Locator


A greatly flexible application, this excellent plugin uses developer friendly code and custom post types and includes almost 30 different filters to help you change the look and feel of the store locator.


Additionally, users can filter the returned results by category, radius, or max results for great control and user convenience.


4. Mapply


A surprisingly unique feature of this cool-named plugin has to be the Heat Map Report. It is a premium feature and it provides an exciting image of the way your customers are searching for your product or store brand.


If you have a Mapply account, you will be able to embed a store locator on your WordPress site in an easy, intuitive manner.


In addition, the service is mobile friendly, quickly adapting to any device, and one of the newest added features is the option to create customized groups, assign various colors to each one and even featuring stores for a limited period of time by setting an expiration date to their pins.


5. Store Locator with Google Map


This is a fully customizable Zotabox plugin that won’t slow down your website. It offers the basic features you need for free but also gives you the chance to expand through some unique premium tools. For example, the Testimonial feature lets your customers share their experiences in order to promote your business.


You can also use the fade in notification boxes to promote your products and your customers can take full advantage of the Facebook live chat support.


All premium tools are available for a 14-day free trial, which enables you to decide if paying for them is a good option for your budget goals.


6. Locatoraid – Store Locator Plugin


Simplicity seems to be the most appreciated feature this plugin has to offer. It offers users great features in a minimal fashion. The locator plugin comes complete with online Google map, driving directions, contact info, links and more.


7. SimpleMap Store Locator


The distinctive feature of this locator plugin is its familiar interface, perfectly suited for the WordPress admin area.


Its clean design seamlessly adapts to any WordPress theme you have selected for your business, which will make your website stand out as functional and practical.


You can also use your own themes to customize the appearance of the map and results and even use customizable tags like Most Popular, Ten-Year Member, etc.


8. Bullseye


There are some things you will inevitably learn when you are managing your own WordPress website, like ways to prevent the hacking of your WordPress admin area and the fact that highlighting your store’s location will increase your customer flow.


You have to sign up for a Bullseye account in order to use this one, nonetheless, it does bring some nice perks to the table. For example, you can generate locator shortcodes to insert on other pages, use unlimited custom attributes and enjoy a precise and editable location mapping with custom pin icons and web crawler protection.


9. Super Store Finder for WordPress


This plugin is not free, it is however very easy and quick to set up and use. It is compatible with Visual Composer and Cornerstone and can support extensible features by using available add-ons.


The intuitive user-interface and notifications it includes make it possible to upload beautiful images with a convenient zoom feature.


This plugin definitely deserves a spot on our list thanks to its great responsive design, tailor-made for mobile and touch-screen devices.


10. Gwebpro Store Locator


Focused on simplifying everything for user convenience, Gwebpro will help you establish your physical presence on Google Maps in a snap. Simply integrate the plugin on your page and it’s ready.


The variety of your website starts with WordPress plugins

man relaxing and thinking about the variety of his website and WordPress plugins

After you have decided what WordPress theme to choose, it’s time to think further down the line and implement some plugins. After that, sit back, relax and watch your business boom and your life get better.


Hopefully, this list of WordPress location finder plugins was able to provide some inspiration and helpful tools for the success of your business. Enjoy experimenting with them and choosing the right one!