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About WhoisWP

Have you ever seen an amazingly designed website? A perfect look that you’ve thought about for days, wondering “what theme is that?” or “how can I get my site to look like that?”. Since it’s sad to leave questions unanswered, we thought of designing a free online tool to provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for. WhoisWP is an intuitive easy-to-use service to instantly determine the theme of any website created with WordPress.


Our WordPress Theme Detector is the Best Tool


If you’ve ever looked for a theme detector with exact, instant results to provide you the freedom to design your website exactly as you please, without wasting any time and effort, WhoisWP is the tool for you.

WhoisWP comes with a multitude of excellent features to help you on your way to envisioning and building the perfect website. If you do a theme check or use it as a plugin detector, you will soon find out there are many awesome ways to use WhoisWP in order to get the highest quality results.

You will soon notice how easy it is to use, not only the awesome main features but also the additional ones that will help you find useful plugins to add to your webpage and much more. So when you need a convenient, fast and free tool to run a theme check, don’t hesitate to visit for instant results.

And there’s more! Blogs and interesting, informative articles are waiting to be revealed on the blog page and you can even see the latest searched-for theme on the top of the page to provide a little inspiration on what’s popular online.


The Most Intuitive WordPress Theme Detector


The key features of this WordPress theme detector are so intuitive and user-friendly that, in no time whatsoever, you will know exactly what theme to use for creating the website of your dreams. Have more fun by doing less work and achieve the precise webpage you want without cutting corners or settling for less than the absolute best. This is what WhoisWP is all about: quality and convenience.

Take the user-friendly accessibility of WordPress to the next level by using any theme you find online and revamp your website instantly. Run a fast WordPress theme check simply by copying and pasting the URL of the site you’ve been admiring in the search box found on and press the search button for fast, valuable results. After that, all you have to do is enjoy your new design and maybe add some plugins as well. One thing is for sure: with you can have a lot of fun unleashing your creative side, effortlessly.