Find out what WordPress theme is a website using

Search – A Free WordPress Theme Detector is the ultimate online detecting tool that will help you find out what WordPress theme a site is using. Get ready to unleash your inner web designer and start creating the website of your dreams just by using this amazing platform and our free theme detector.


A WordPress Theme Detector to Use in 5 Easy Steps


1. Copy the URL of any WordPress website
2. Open
3. Paste the copied link into the search box
4. Press the Search button
5. Done! Now you know that site’s theme and plugins


Do a Theme Check and Get Inspired


Most of you will agree with the fact that WordPress is the easiest way to build a website nowadays. It provides everything you need for free, it’s intuitive and user-friendly. Basically, when it comes to WordPress, every theme, plugin, and detail matter and have a huge impact on the way your site looks and functions.

There will certainly be times when you find inspiration on one or multiple other websites and you’ll wonder exactly what theme they have used. And that’s when using to perform a theme check comes in handy.


Use WordPress to Simplify Your Life


Building a website is a complex process that requires knowledge, time, and effort. Sometimes you’ll need to manually check a huge collection of data in the search for that element that can really make a difference for your website. This can take up a lot of your time and energy. And, let’s face it, in this fast-paced age, everyone wants to do all things better, for free and in no time.

This is why we’ve developed this free online WordPress theme detector, which allows you to save time and energy as you make your dreams come true. You be surprised to notice you’ve become a lot more productive during the process.

WordPress is an amazing platform which offers countless possibilities, options and creative tools and that’s excellent! The more complexity you have at your disposal, the better your ability to express your creative potential. But what happens when it gets a little overwhelming and you begin questioning yourself Where do I start? or What do I choose? This is the time you will need to use a theme detector or a plugin detector.


Reasons to Use Our WordPress Theme Detector


Do you find coding extremely difficult to learn and implement? Everyone does. Unless you’re a professional, you must have a simple tool to build the website of your dreams for you. Although WordPress has got you covered in that department, you can achieve even more by using the right theme detector. also works as a built-in plugin detector and will always provide you with the best results in no time, thanks to its simple design and flexibility. This plugin detector offers you the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity regarding what WordPress theme and plugins a website uses. It will help you save time as it maximizes your creative potential.

Try a fast check by simply pasting the URL of any WordPress website in the search box. All you need to do next is sit back and enjoy the instant results. Finding out what WordPress theme was used becomes fast and easy with Take a look at this excellent, convenient tool and you’ll never again ask yourself what WordPress theme is that? You’re welcome!